Green Technology -IT is Key Enabler of Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability: Report

Taken from:, October 16, 2009, by: Anuradha Shukla

Brief Summary of Article:

Nowadays many people argue that the development of information technology by the IT department has a very important role for direct involvement in corporate responsibility and sustainability efforts. The major focus in the development of IT in this article is about the using of energy and carbon management in a company. Energy and carbon management programs have an impact and significant implications for the information technology group. To overcome this problem, required the role of a chief information officer (CIO) who can provide or produce a technology that can manage and record the energy usage and carbon emissions they produced. In addition to using information technology to determine the level of energy consumption and carbon emissions are generated, information technology is also used for managing and improving sustainability strategies, programs and initiatives.

For this reason, the recent Deloitte and CFO Research Services study, “The Next Wave of Green IT,” identified that the quality of information gap between IT and finance executives, and he said that this gap can be narrowed if the organizations leverage IT as a driver and enabler of enterprise sustainability.

My Opinion:

I think the energy and carbon management is not only a major concern of the IT department in a company, but it should also be a concern to everyone in the company. We realize that IT is required to take an active role in overcoming the existing problems, for example by creating a green IT. I do not agree with the Lee Dittmar statement. He said that the technology was created to manage and report on enterprise-wide energy use and carbon emissions. I think if the technology is only created to manage and record energy usage and carbon emissions in a company then it does not solve the problem because with the creation of this technology can not reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in a company. Technology should be created to help us to solve problems such as reducing energy consumption and carbon emission in a company and not only to know their level of energy consumption and its carbon emissions so that the use of green IT is really useful for our surrounding environments.


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