Differences between hardware and software systems

Articel taken from: http://eecatalog.com/windows/2009/09/21/differences-between-hardware-and-software-systems/, September 21st, 2009, by: John Blyler.

Brief summary of article:

Basically hardware and software have a relationship between each other, but in their development process they have some differences. We can see the differences of them by some factors such as complexity, defects, end life, and maintenance factor. Based on complexity, the flexibility of software tends more complicated than hardware. It is because software has more interfaces, dependencies and interactions between various sections of code. It is very different with hardware which is simpler than software. Other factor is defects. Hardware defect rarely happens. If the defects happen in hardware, so it will affect only the systems of which it is a part. In software, if the defects happen, so it can have a much wider range of effects, since it affects all copies of the software.

The next factor is about end life. Software and hardware have some differences in their use. Hardware is directly related to physical memory, friction, and makes interactions with the environment so that those things cause hardware to be eventually wear out, rust, etc. It is very different with hardware while software is the embodiment of logic in code which is not affected by the passage of time. The last factor is maintenance. The physical type of hardware makes it needs more maintenance than software. But in reality, software also needs maintenance although not as many as hardware do. The weakness of software maintenance is that it needs more costs than hardware.

My opinion:

I think hardware and software is deferent each other, but in their wok process they can work together. In my opinion the four factors above that is complexity; defects, end life, and maintenance have a big effect in hardware and software development nowadays especially for making people reliable to them. The superiority from some factors above make hardware development is more reliable than software development.

From information that we get from article, I think the benefit and easy way that can we get from the hardware development make it can grow and develop faster so that it can produce a product that has a fewer bugs than software so that many people reliable to them. If we see from their end life factor, I think software is better than hardware, but other factors such as complexity and defects make us or other people still tend to choose and trust the hardware development.


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